All cuts have limited availability at any given time.  All meat prices are per pound. All cuts are vacuum packed in clear plastic wrap, and priced with package weights.  We can accept checks or Paypal.

Prices as of January 1, 2020  (subject to change). See the next webpage for Quarters & Halves pricing.  Delivery is sometimes available to Athens, Zanesville, Marietta & Columbus areas.

All listed prices are per pound.


Porterhouse Steaks                  12.50

T Bone Steaks                       $10.25 / Lb

Fillet Mignon                         $17.50

NY Strip Steak                           $12.75

Sirloin Steaks bone in                8.25

Top sirloin steaks boneless      10.00

Round Steaks                         5.95

Cubed steaks                          6.70

Flank Steaks                           10.00


Boneless Rolled Rump Roast   7.50

Sirloin Tip Roast                   7.00


Stir Fry Strips                       6.70


Ribeye Steaks boneless                   12.75              

Rib Steaks bone in                         10.00          

Boned and tied standing rib roast  12.75

Standing Rib Roast bone in   11.00

Flatiron Steaks                       7.00

Hanger steak                            8.00

Skirt steak                                8.00


Arm & Blade Roast                 $6.00 / Lb

English  Cross-Rib Pot  Roast  ( rolled and tied)          7.00/lb.

Boneless (15lb.) chuck roast              5.95/lb.

Short Ribs                                            3.50


Stewing Chunks                     6.70

Boneless Brisket                       7.00

Boneless shank                         6.00


Tongue                                    5.00

Heart, Kidney,                       2.00

Liver, oxtail                           4.00


Ground Beef                   5.95

Ground Beef Patties           6.70


Strip Jerky                      17.00/lb

Jerky sticks                     4.00 / pkg

Hotdogs                              8.75/lb.

Pepperoni                           9.50/lb.


Soup & Dog Bones   1.25/ lb  

Pete & Marjie Shew

Shews' Family Farm

3915 S Elliott Rd.

Stockport, Ohio  43787

740 557-3032

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